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Business is open!!!


It's a new day with  new rules. Here is how I am doing my best to keep you safe. I need you to do your best too!

1) Outdoor sessions are open with only a few restrictions.

Old: we would sometimes travel together...New: it's a no no.

Old: We wouldn't think to wear a mask...New:  I will and any guests should too!

Old: I would check before touching, adjusting clothing, moving hair, positioning....New: I'm wearing a mask and I will still ask, you are always free to say No! I'm getting better at giving directions too!

Old: Individuals had family come with...New: They still can, but I ask that you have masks available. Occasionally we end up in spaces that require being too close to not have one!

2) Studio Sessions: Opening soon... I am fully stocked on hand sanitizer and medical grade masks. I am looking into two more pieces of equipment to make this seamless and easy! So.... soon!

Old: standard courtesy...New: a few extra precautions!

Old: Hair and make-up could be arranged on site...New: Off site hair and makeup only, by making your own appointment with your favorite hair, nail, makeup specialist or DIY! I can still help with options though :)

Old: Individuals had family come with...New: They still can, but I ask that it be limited to one, and that they wear a mask while in the confined space of the studio. It just isn't that big!!

3) Image viewing and ordering: I was so sad to think this would have to change to online only...but

Old: Common courtesy and sitting side by side....New: Masks! Stylish ones if you would like, I'd love to see your fancy face! I will wear mine. I also have 2 devices so we can see the same page but keep our safe distance space. Online viewing via phone appointment can also occur. It is much easier to view and discuss together in real time. In home ordering (sometimes it is just too helpful to see your artwork virtually on the wall!) can still happen, I will wear a mask!

4) Hosting you: I love a good gathering!! (and food)

Old: coffee, soda, wine & beer were available along with snack foods....New: Please feel free to bring your own, but to reduce touch surfaces and hand to mouth opportunities, food and drinks will not be provided.

Old: I cleaned diligently especially around my newborn sessions....New: I clean deeper and now you will all be 'babied' as my germaphobe nature rears into full gear! 

5) Promises: Each session takes more planning and clean up, staying more organized. If you don't plan early, the answer will likely be no.

August and Sept are hot times!

Old: Staying up to date on vaccinations, I would cancel with the hint of a cold, we would discuss location challenges, dangers and comforts....New: I'm up to date but...there is no inoculation for this. At my core I don't want to be responsible for anyone else getting ill or hurt. Location risks will still be discussed.

You are choosing to be photographed knowing the new risks, and that information is ever changing. You are aware of my policies and will abide by them..

I make my policies in an effort to be abundantly careful rather than culpable.

I care for older family members, and I would not put them or you at risk. 

My policies may have to change, we may have to change! But documenting you and your beautiful family does not!

“Love the ones you’re with!”

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