Infant Photography

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Newborn portraits can held in studio or in the comfort of your own home. I remember not wanting to leave home with my first, but I also know a few new moms who couldn't wait to get out of the house!  The more comfortable the experience is for mom, dad and baby, the better! As the mom of two preemies I have the utmost care and patience and will let the session move at baby's pace! Breaks for fussiness, or feeding are totally natural and expected. And yes, I almost always get peed on, its an occupational hazard and doesn’t bother me a bit. (Those funny squirt pictures are real!) Your babies safety and comfort is of utmost importance to me!

During your consultation, recommended at around 6-7 months, we will review beautiful display options and materials as well as gift print options for family. This will provide you with years of compliments and memories about your beautiful baby and this short, but oh so sweet, time you have with them before they take off running!

Occasionally I create my own accessories and props so if you have an idea and we have enough time I'm more willing to make your vision a reality.

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