Getting Your Money's Worth

Each client, no matter what session type, receives several services when they book a session.

1. Prior consultation, up to one hour, to choose artwork or conceptualize how images will be displayed in your home.

2. A preliminary visit to your home to measure and plan groups of photos (if necessary)

3. Session time to capture you, your family, and any others in the chosen setting(s) and outfits.

4.  Detailed editing and production of finished, print ready images to choose from.

5. Presentation of images in the studio or in your home with the ability to virtually hang artwork on your walls. At this time an order will be placed.

6.  My personal attention and time, in order to help you choose and complete your display and make sure it is on your wall for everyone to admire.

7. My personal guarantee of product quality. I choose only high quality, beautiful products that will stand out and highlight the special moments of your family.

Session Fees start at $200 and product purchases are a la carte, purchase only what you want. We will discuss budget and artwork desired at our first session. No surprises!

Ready To Get The Ball Rolling?

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